Company Background

Everest Holdings was built to ensure the Internet could fulfill its promise of unfettered innovation, empowering digital pioneers to experiment with confidence. We assembled an elite team of the sharpest minds and boldest explorers to find ways to restore hope and erase fear. We know the Internet can be a powerful tool that equips humanity to do more, be more, and achieve more. We exist to guard this promise of the Internet, and help top companies better manage, control, and protect their internet Assets so their leaders can fearlessly embrace digital transformation.

Innovation is the heart of Everest Holdings. Inspired by his research as a doctoral candidate, Dr. Jefferson founded in 2012, and with his experience of cyber security and recruiting industry leaders who are driven by a passion to make the internet safer. Our team is the industry standard for hacker-powered security. We partner with the global enterprise community to surface the most relevant security issues of our customers before they can be exploited by criminals.

Later, the Everest team collaborates by sharing and brainstorming to develop new, creative, and innovative ideas. We take these new and experimental blockchain concepts and bring them to fruition, creating real-world business solutions and products. Our core team loves taking part in these solutions and values the opportunity to make an impact in how blockchain is used.

Core Value for Everest


Start with integrity

Default to disclosure

Act like an owner


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