Within the trading industry, the pandemic has rapidly accelerated trends that were already underway, while also creating new trends as investors seek for consistent and stable source of income from all investment vehicles.

Since the start of the pandemic, Everest Holdings has undertaken regular research to understand the investors psyche as we move through the various stages of the crisis, looking at how it has impacted investors emotionally and financially and in trading investment.

Our strategy centres on acquiring strategic stakes in highly profitable and rapidly expanding trading strategies to perform beyond market cycle regardless of economic cycles. We are one of the first investment firms with a dedicated elite trading team. Through active ownership and a focus on operational improvement and expansion, we accelerate our portfolio’s growth and help our investor reach higher profitability.

We look forward to cementing our reputation for successfully sourcing unique investment opportunities, growing assets and delivering strong returns to our investors and shareholders. We are confident that existing and prospective investors and shareholders will continue to regard us as the partner of choice as they look to participate in one of the world’s most compelling growth stories.

Dr. Thomas Jefferson
Chief Executive Officer
Everest Holdings