Intelligent Arbitrage Trading Software

iPEAK as one of Everest Holdings secret weapons, the trading system can accurately run various algorithms and parameter analysis and finally arrive at an excellent arbitrage pain with extensive and stable rate of return. With its reputation in the technology sector, iPEAK’s user base is estimated to exceed 100,000. The iPEAK automatic arbitrage trading system is equipped with Everest’s core quantum technology and combines the following trading tools.

Everest Front-End: Trading System

Everest’s iPEAK is driven by an advanced computer, equipped with the strongest transaction system Everest Trader X6000 Pro。 This internal workstation is equipped with high-voltage power and consists of four Intel Xeon ES-2600 v4 series server-class processors, providing 72 CPU cores and 210 CPU threads, with a maximum operating frequency of up to 7.6 Hz. The Trader X6000 Pro is also equipped with up to 5TB of DDR4 error correcting coded RAM (ECC RAM) to ensure data integrity, enabling iPEAK to quickly analyze data from all API sources, perform extensive back testing, and simultaneously span multiple simulated and forward test transactions on two exchanges.

Everest Backend: Machine Learning System

Everest developers cooperate with NVIDIA DGX-1 as an important tool for AI research and development. DGX-1 has deep learning capabilities of over 800 CPUs. Provide each node with an AI performance. DGX-1 is built on 8 NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs, configured with a hybrid cube network NVIDIA NVLink topology, and is structured for the proven multi-GPU and multi-node scale. It also uses the same NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) deep learning software push stack, supports all DGX systems, realizes an easy workflow from desktop to data center, and provides cutting-edge technology for the Everest Holdings platform to surpass all competitors.

Our Product Solutions

Software Toolkit

iPEAK Technologies software has the ability to decode the native data as fast as possible to feed strategy or algotrading. Capability to handle large volumes of price information.


Feed Algotrading, Analysis or Machine Learning with native market data structures enabling to create data sets based on easy to consume objects.


Work either conveniently from a laptop anywhere in the world and when ready deploy into the data center of the exchange with almost zero latency.


AT Software Trading Toolkit enables to send orders back into the exchange with the same speed and advantages as data is received covering all aspects of trading in modern markets.